Essential Winetasting Book – The Complete Practical Winetasting Course


Essential Winetasting is based on my teaching and my courses. The first edition (Mitchell Beazley 2000) won all three major British wine book awards for the Best Drink Book 2000: The Andre Simon, Glenfiddich and the Prix du Champagne Lanson awards – the only occasion on which one book has won all three. It is a unique combination of Teach Yourself Tasting Manual, and Wine Reference Book. It has sections on Tasting (of course!), Wine Language and Values, Viticulture, Winemaking, Grapes and their Wines, Wine and Food, Wine Maps, and a substantial, carefully designed DIY Tasting Course. In the new edition you can use the Tasting Course in conjunction with ‘Ideal Wines’, from The Wine Society and/or Waitrose, recommended (with direct links, on the website. The book also has a cross reference section on most of the spreads, taking you to other sections of the book for further information / clarification on the subject, thus making it a powerful learning tool.

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