Wine Searcher

Wine-Searcher is the most effective wine price comparison tool.

The World of Fine Wine

At the price of a bottle of modest premium wine per issue, it represents excellent value—both as a long-term reference and a long-term pleasure” - Michael Schuster.

BI Wines and Spirits

Bordeaux Index, as it was originally called, was established in 1997 and has become one of the largest fine wine merchants and traders in Europe. Their offices in London are where I run my courses and tastings.

Richard Mayson

Richard is a writer, lecturer and consultant on wine, the owner of a vineyard in the Alto Alentejo region, Portugal, where he produces his wine, Pedra Basta, and an impeccable source on Portuguese vinous matters.

Greek Wine World

Nico Manessis explores and explains his country's wines in great detail. Well worth visiting if you don't know Greek wines.