A Great Madeira Tasting

25th Jan 2012

It is five years since I did a fine Madeira tasting. Those of you who know me well know that a great Madeira would be my single ‘desert island’ bottle, so it’s clearly high time for another. Here then are eight vintage madeiras, going back exactly a century to 1912, and including all six great noble Madeira grape varieties. In spite of their increasing rarity  and therefore price, they still represent remarkable value in the Fine Wine context. In many cases there are but a few hundred bottles of each of these wines, the 1912 states very precisely “360 bottles” for example. Compare that with First Growth claret! I have tried all of these over the past few years, and each one is a gem. 1 Terrantez, 1 Bastardo, 1 Sercial, 1 Verdelho, 2 Bual, 2 Malmsey

This is a one bottle tasting and there is a limit of 25 people.  Please book early to avoid disappointment.

1985 Malmsey (Blandy)
1976 Terrantez (Blandy)
1971 Sercial (Henriques and Henriques)
1954 Bastardo (Blandy)
1934 Verdelho (Rutherford and Miles)
1934 Bual (Leacock)
1915 Bual (Lomelino)
1912 Malmsey (Blandy)


8 Wines, Monika's Madeira Cake... £225


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