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Senses and Place - Towards a definition of terroir in the glass

An attempt to identify a few of the features that characterize a terroir wine from the drinker's point of view .... This is how I have tried to clarify the concept for myself, withouth too much complication or mysticism.

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A Delectable Incongruity: Latour sur et sous mer

To challenge the notion that Château Latour should be drunk “here but not there,” Frédéric Engerer, its president, gradually came round to the suggestion that he take it on holiday, resulting in two spectacular 'Latour' dinners 'by' and 'under' the sea, in the Maldives.

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Qualitas Qualitatis

What do we mean by quality in wine? A look at various ways in which we can think about this quicksilver slippery notion ...

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An outline of what lies behind the consistent style and quality of Ridge's wines. Plus a vertical tasting of ten vintages of Monte Bello , and nine vintages of the Santa Crus Mountains Cabernet Sauvignon...

Marcel Ducasse at Château Lagrange

The achievements of the affable and capable man affectionately known as tonton (uncle), who describes his own taste in wine as a progression from St-Estèphe to Graves, but who will always be remembered for his role in the transformation of St Julien's Château Lagrange. Plus a tasting of Marcel's 23 vintages of Lagrange.

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Quinta Do Vesuvio

A brief history of one of the Douro' great estates, and its striking recent revival after being purchased by the Symington family; plus a vertical tasting from 1989 to 2005.

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Chateau Haut-Brion A Family Affair

With the 500th anniversary of Haut-Brion just over a decade away, this is a look at the two families responsible for the estate's current standing, and its wines' consistently clear identity and exemplary quality.  Plus a tasting of 26 wines, 18 red and 8 white, back to 1982.